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Pokemon Duel Apk Download


Pokemon Duel Apk

Do you ever played Pokemon duel
If you are a gamer and love Android games like me. You should need to play Pokemon duel once. After play it once you will addict of this game if you can understand

How to play Pokemon duel game

Don’t worry about this. Today in this article I will explain all about Pokemon duel.

Pokemon duel apk file download for your Android mobile
Pokemon duel is one of most popular game. Pokemon duel is popular in gaming world.

Pokemon duel is a free to play digital board game.

Pokemon duel APK game is developed by heroz and published by the Pokemon company. It was published in 2016 in the month of April.  Actually it was released for Android and iOS devices.

It's not run in lower Android version. Do you know that It's released in Japan under the title Pokemon comaster. In Japan Pokemon duel is called Pokemon comaster

And In just 2 years it's have 10 million active players. As you know I said it's very additional game and it's different from other games

You can download Pokemon duel apk from our site.

I know that you don't know anything about Pokemon duel apk and also don't know about APK files

Before I explain more about Pokemon duel apk. I think I should explain about APK files. So you want to know about APK files

I know your answer is Yes

what is apk

So let me explain that

What is apk

Android Package Format is called APK. APK is the package file format used by the Android operating system for distribution and installation of mobile apps and games
If you don't have playstore in your mobile and you want to install an app/game on Android, you need the APK files, which can usually be download from different websites. Basically APK files is like EXE files in Windows.
There are many Android Apps out there so there are many APK files. I will give you one for example. you can download Pokemon duel apk from here.

So you want to know more about Pokemon duel apk game

Let's discuss

What Is Pokemon Duel Apk Game

Pokemon duel apk game is about collecting. Farming Cards, Characters, and the materials to make them stronger.

You receive materials from boosters and daily mission spin rewards: Yellow materials for gold / Green materials for CL / Blue materials for XP

Pokemon duel is a strategy game base on classic Pokemons but it's different from other previous games. In this Pokemon duel game duel are played on board and Pokemons are represented by figures instead of actual monsters.

Pokemon duel is a strategy board game that uses Pokemon figures.

Build a Deck with your favorite figures and fight with players around the world or with your friends and win some duels. You need to get all kind of figures and items to build your deck stronger.

You can download Pokemon duel APK latest version from and the latest version of Pokemon duel apk is 6.0.3. It's have 10 million installs from playstore but actually it's have 50 million installs from different platform. It's rated by 365646 people and average rating is 4.2

Pokemon Duel APK operating system requirements for you Android and iOS

Pokemon duel APK for Android

The minimum system requirements for pokemon duel apk going to explain

the minimum android version which can play pokemon duel APK is 5.0 and if you have higher version of Android like 6.0, 7.0 etc it's best to play Pokemon Duel Apk.

Pokemon Duel Apk for iOS devices

The minimum system requirement to play Pokemon Duel Apk in iOS device is 8.0

You can play Pokemon Duel Apk version in iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

How to play Pokemon Duel Apk

To get started Pokemon duel app you get a duel set. This is a starter pack to play Pokemon Duel Apk game. This duel set has six Pokemons and 3 plates and also get a mask to wear in the championship.

Then you need to choose Pokemon who goes 1st for fight.

Every Pokemon has a different number. Pokemon can be move but for the 1st time move of the game. After that you need to block your opponent while trying to get to your goal on the other side of the board

Some Tips to play Pokemon duel apk

Here are I will give you some Tips to play Pokemon duel apk that I learned when I was a beginner of Pokemon Duel Apk game

Tip No. 1

Save your gems

Don't spend gems at all. DON'T Spend gems at all. Log in Daily and save up for the x5 Sextuples you get when starting out (300 gems. each). And use your gems only to purchase special boosters in the shop that guarantee at least one Pokemon in exchange.

Tip No. 2

Complete the extra challenges

You should need to complete the extra challenges to win some extra challenges. You can see challenges by clicking on the icon of three Stars that is next to play button

Tip No. 3

Do The training missions

I know it is like boring but it's really very helpful. In the training you get basic info about Pokemons and you also get some reward of gems.

Tip No. 4

Counter your opponent

While calculating your odds gems etc.  also think about you Pokemons that which Pokemon counter your opponent.

Tip No. 5

Tap on Enemy Figures

When your opponent is deciding what to do and you have a few seconds, tap on one of their figures to see its wheel. You might learn something you didn’t know about its capabilities or discover how it has been leveled up differently from your own

So these are the some Tips that I learned as a beginner but in just some time we will update it and give you more Tips for the Pokemon Duel Apk


So friends tell me about Pokemon Duel Apk game. And ask anything about Pokemon Duel Apk game if I know that I will surely help you. You can download Pokemon Duel Apk game from below link. After download Pokemon Duel Apk and after play Pokemon duel apk game tell me more about Pokemon duel apk if you got any more Tips about Pokemon Duel Apk game just comment below

We will add it to our post

Thanks for reading. Download Pokemon Duel Apk game and play I wish you very best of luck


Dr Driving Apk Download


Hello Friends

Welcome To My Blog

Our Today and 1st apk game is

Dr Driving Apk

Dr Driving Apk latest version here

Dr Driving Apk one most popular game

Dr Driving latest updated version is 1.50

That was updated 12 december 2017

You are about to download Dr Driving Apk

Dr Driving Is only for android 4.0.3 and up

Dr Driving Is cool and amazing game that make you crazy

one of my favorite game is dr driving apk

Dr Driving apk is a nice time killer game

When You are bored you can play Dr Driving Game apk

Dr Driving apk Is a cool driving game. Dr driving apk is not like other racing game where speed is the key to win. You can play Dr Driving as normal drive

Dr driving apk has most and different missions that normally require u to get one point to another point and the other point you should park the car in the require place

In Dr Driving apk you don’t need speed like other games. But remember In Dr Driving apk It is your responsibility to drive safely without harassing the other cars.

here is a screenshot of dr driving apk

By completing your different mission in dr driving apk you get some money by completing the mission. It is not matter how complete you your mission

You can’t withdraw this money but you can purchase better vehicles from that money

Dr Driving apk is different from other. Dr Driving apk is an entertaining game

dr driving is like a real game

Dr Driving apk 1.50 on playstore

Overall rating of dr driving apk on playstore is 4.5

Kindly remember that it is cumulative rating since the game was listed on google play store

Normally popular game rating is 4+ depends upon its popularity. Total numbers of reviews of Dr driving is 4671142

and it is high number of reviews

Total numbers of 5 star reviews is that 3429900

mean 80% people give the 5 stars on this game.

.Estimated number of the app downloads range between 100000000 and 500000000 as per google play store and many people download dr driving apk from google

kindly note that we are providing only original dr driving apk game to download faster

All the apps and games here are directly downloaded from google play store

Dr Driving apk is like racing game but in reality it is not a racing game

Kindly note that Dr Driving apk is the property and trademark from SUD inc. All rights reserved by SUD inc..

Click On The Below link to download Dr Driving Apk